Sagar Fiesta 2024
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
5th April, 2021
CS AV Hall

SISTec Sahitya

Sahitya Competition is an exciting platform that provides a space for people to showcase their talent in the form of poetry, ghazals and Shayari. It is a great way for aspiring poets and writers to share their work with the world. This event is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to express themselves through the power of words. All you need is your literary work to set the stage.

 Rules and Regulation for Poetry Competition. 

  1. The participant has to present his/her self-composed(original) poetry.
  2. The participant will get 5 minutes for their poetry presentation.
  3. There will be one warning bell at fourth minute of presentation. Teams will be disqualified if they exceed the time limit.
  4. The marks will be awarded for fluency, quality of language, body language, quality of matter.
  5. There will be two rounds. Total 5 candidates will be selected for the final round.
  6. Total two participants will be selected from final round. One will be winner and other runner-up.
  7. The poetry should not hurt to sentiments of any cast/creed/religion/person.
  8. The participant will be disqualified on finding anything related to it.
  9. The participant has to report 10 minutes prior to the start of programme.
  10. Participants should carry his/her student ID card.
  11. Usage of abusive language is strictly prohibited and may lead to disqualification.
  12. Judge’s decision will be final.

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Sagar Fiesta Silver Medal


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