Sagar Fiesta 2024
11:30AM - 4:00 PM
5th April, 2024
CE ground, pool Area( Tentative)

Sagar Roadies

SAGAR ROADIES is an exciting and thrilled troupe of games to test the awareness, acuity, sharpness, and knowledge of the participants. This event offers a unique blend of entertainment and physical activities, providing a platform for the participants to showcase their physical abilities and skills. This game is designed to challenge the participants and push them to their limits, bringing out the best in them. The participants need to be strong and show their competence and grasp the competitive environment.


1. 50 m race + 50m sack race
2. Head shoulders knees Cup game
3. Tube bridge (swimming pool)
4. find a key to unlock into water (swimming pool)
5. Hurdle Racecourse


1. 50 m race + 50m sack race
2. head shoulders knees Cup game
3. Tube bridge (swimming pool)
4. find a key to unlock into water (swimming pool)
5. Hurdle Racecourse

Let us have 100 participants:-

Round 1 (50 m race + sack race) :-

we will have 10 rallies.
One rally of 10 participants

In the end, we will select the top 5 from each rally.

50 remaining out of 100.


Round 2 (head shoulders knees Cup game):- Now we have 50 participants.

The participants will be divided into groups of 10 and then a single participant will be called from each group after that they had to follow the instruction which will be given by the coordinator.
For example – If the coordinator says head then they have to put their hands on the head, say pick then they have to pick the bottle first.

25 remaining out of 100


Round 3 (Tube bridge -swimming pool):- Now we have 25 participants.

Everyone will try to cross the bridge made up of vehicle tubes one by one.
If the player will fall Into the water. (eliminated)

We will select at least 20 players from this round based on their timing.

20 remaining out of 100.


Round 4 (Find a key to unlock):- Now we have 20 participants.

Players will dive into the water in pairs of 5. there will be a bowl outside the water full of keys.
He will pick a key from the bowl at once and try to unlock the lock which is placed inside the water in a given time duration.

Then we will select the Last 10 players based on their timing.

10 players remain out of 100.


Round 5 (Hurdle Racecourse):- Now we have 10 participants.

Players will start the race from the starting point of the ground where
—> they will start to flip the tyres
—> crawling under the net
—> Climbing the net

Continuing ,….. from here

Players will enter the first pit and
After crossing the first pit they will enter the second pit full of mud and water.
They will have to find a hammer from the pit and then climb the rope and then break the pot.

The first one who will break the pot will be the winner of Sagar Roadies.

Prize Money


Sagar Fiesta Silver Medal


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