Sagar Fiesta 2024
9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
6th April, 2024


Vrddhi - From Vintage to Vogue


Music is the sensation, which beats the chords of life. To give the podium to those who are always eager to express their feelings with symphony, SISTec organize NINAD- The solo singing competotion. SISTec Bhopal is inviting such carzy guys of Music to be the part of this competition and fill the bliss in the waves of Sagar with their harmony.

  1. Time limit is maximum 4 minutes for each performance.
  2. The competition will have total three rounds: Audition, First round & Final Round.
  3. The choice of songs is open to the participants. Every participant has to prepare at least two songs for two different zoners and submit the names of both songs to the organizing team so that there will be no repetition of songs.
  4. The orchestra will be provided by the organizer. Participants have to perform live.
  5. No karaoke or recorded music is allowed for the competition.
  6. The participants will be judged based on the following parameters: i) selection of song, ii) coordination with music (Tal), iii) The way of singing (Sur), (iv) body language, and (V) Stage Impact.
  7. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Prize Money


Sagar Fiesta Silver Medal


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